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Graduate M.Ed./Multiple Subject Credential Program

Education Studies (EDS) at UC San Diego offers a Master of Education degree/Credential Program for those seeking the California Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential for elementary school teachers. All EDS credentials provide preparation for teaching English language learners in a regular classroom setting.

The M.Ed. / Credential program has four distinguishing features:

  1. Focus on equitable educational practices.
  2. Emphasis on the application of information technology and research-based practice.
  3. Preparation of teachers as reflective practitioners.
  4. Preparation of new teachers to understand the process and standards associated with National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification. 

View the Admissions Requirements Checklist


The M.Ed./Multiple Subject Credential Program at UCSD is and intensive 13 month program consisting of Educational Foundations coursework (MS-1 Sum), Professional Preparation coursework (MS-2), and the preparation of a Teaching Performance Assessment Portfolio. Students complete the Educational Foundations courses in an intensive summer session, and the Professional coursework in the remaining ten months.

UC San Diego students who complete the Educational Foundations (MS-1) coursework as undergraduates will apply to the 2nd year (MS-2) program as graduate students.

UC San Diego's rigorous program provides students with a more thorough understanding of educational issues and methodology with the added benefit of two years of in-class experience - considerably more than shorter preparation programs. This results in our graduates being better prepared, more experienced, and more confident as they embark on their teaching careers.

Sample Timeline

MS-1 (13 Month Program) Students
February: Application Due
June-August: Complete Educational Foundations Coursework as a Graduate Student (please note that the Summer Intensive MS-1 Summer Program requires students to complete 24 units of intensive preparation coursework.  Attendance is reqiured at all class sessions and students need to complete 50 hours of guided practicum in the field placements assigned for EDS 128A during the 1st session and 50 hours of guided practicum for EDS 128B during the 2nd session.  This intensive program begins mid June and goes through mid August. Attendance and practium hours are required throughout this intensive program). 
September: Advance to MS-2, M.Ed./Credential Coursework.

MS-2 (10 Month Program):
February: Application Due
September-July: Complete Professional Coursework
July: Receive M.Ed. and Credential


The Final Application deadline is Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 11:59 pm (PST).

View the Admissions Requirements Checklist


Thank you for your interest in the M.Ed./Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program at UC San Diego. You must thoroughly read the Application Checklist before starting your online application, as many requirements are unique to our program.

*For former UC San Diego graduate students, contact Giselle VanLuit to process a re-admission petition.  A new graduate online application is not required. 


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UC San Diego Graduate Division Application FAQ's

Information from University of California, Office of the President: Licensure and Certification Disclosures



View the M.Ed./Multiple Subject Credential Program Brochure for a list of courses and sample class schedules

Educational Foundations Course of Study

For Undergraduate Minors and MS-1 Sum Graduate Students

UC San Diego's undergraduates planning to apply to the UC San Diego's M.Ed./Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential Program must complete all the requirements for the Multiple Subject Education Foundations Minor. (Note: Admission to the EDS Graduate Program is not guaranteed for EDS Minors.) View more information on EDS Minors

Graduate Students admitted to the program will complete the Education Foundation courses as an intensive summer program.

Advancement to M.Ed./Credential Professional Preparation Coursework

Upon completing the Educational Foundations coursework, students are evaluated to determine their preparation and fitness for continuation into the professional coursework and student teaching program. An EDS faculty committee makes decisions concerning student continuation into the professional year of the program based on completion of all requirements, academic achievement, and level of professionalism in all aspects of the program. Continuation into the professional year is not automatic.

Professional Preparation Course of Study

The M.Ed./Multiple Subject Credential Program consists of eleven professional preparation courses, 15 weeks of Pre-Student Teaching, fifteen weeks of Student Teaching, and RICA preparation, in an intensive year-long program of professional preparation. Diverse subject areas are integrated into a single inter-curricular course of study by emphasizing activity/inquiry techniques of instruction.

For more detailed information regarding EDS courses, see the UCSD General Catalog


Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials authorize the holder to teach in self-contained classrooms such as classroom settings in most elementary schools. However, a teacher authorized for multiple subject instruction may be assigned to teach in any self-contained classroom (preschool, K-12, or in classes organized primarily for adults). In addition, the holder of a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential may serve in a core, alternative, or team teaching setting.

Students completing the M.Ed. Multiple Subject program will receive a Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential, with an included emphasis in instructing English Language Learners and will be authorized to provide the following services: (1) instruction for English language development in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults; and (2) specially designed content instruction delivered in English in multiple-subject-matter (self-contained) classes.

Multiple Subject candidates must complete the following credential requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college/university.
  2. Completion of the Basic Skills requirement.
  3. Passage of the CSET Multiple Subjects exam.
  4. U.S. Constitution Requirement. An appropriate course or exam is required.
  5. Passage of the Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA).
  6. Successful completion of the edTPA (a Teaching Performance Assessment of beginning teacher competence).


International Applicants / Non U.S. Residents

Special Information for applicants for who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents.

For an application to be considered for review, international applicants must complete the requirements listed below prior to submitting the application. These items are required by the state of California in order to participate in a Teacher Preparation Program, receive a teaching credential, and are considered part of our regular admission requirements. Please note: the application fee is non-refundable.

Certificate of Clearance

If you are an international applicant on a student visa, a non U.S. citizen, or a non U.S. permanent resident and you are admitted into the M.Ed./Credential Program or the MA-ASL Program, please note the following: in order to be eligible for student teaching, all applicants must complete a Certificate of Clearance through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). The Certificate of Clearance application requires a Social Security Number (SSN), or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). For information on obtaining a SSN or ITIN, visit the IRS website. All EDS candidates must obtain a Certificate of Clearance before the application deadline to be eligible for admission. Learn more about the Certificate of Clearance.

Student teaching is mandatory for EDS students in order to complete the required coursework and obtain a teaching credential. If a student is not able to begin student teaching, he/she will need to withdraw from the program. Applicants who are ineligible to obtain a U.S. Social Security Number or Tax I.D. Number should not apply to this program. If you have questions, contact your EDS Admissions Coordinator.


The International Students & Programs Office

The Undocumented Student Services Center

Student Services Center, 5th floor, Suite 518

Foreign Transcript Evaluation

Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees, and other relevant documents. The complete transcript evaluation must be uploaded into the application prior to the deadline for the application to be considered for review.  Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved organization. Learn more about Foreign Transcript Evaluations.  

Please note: the UC San Diego's Graduate Division has additional requirements for international applicants. Please review their International Graduate Student Application Requirements.


Resources for Current Students

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Financial Support

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Questions? Please contact your appropriate admissions coordinator:

MS-1 admissions coordinator: Melanie Ronten,

MS-2 admissions coordinator: Giselle Van Luit, (this option is only for UCSD students who are currently working on or have completed the Education Studies Foundation Coursework)