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ASL-English Bilingual Education: Master of Arts

Education Studies (EDS) at UCSD offers a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning: Emphasis in American Sign Language - English Bilingual Education of Deaf Children. Candidates who complete this teacher training program also qualify for the California Preliminary Education Specialist: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Instruction Credential and the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a Bilingual Authorization in American Sign Language for elementary and alternative education school teachers. It is the only program in the nation that offers both teaching credentials with the Bilingual Authorization for Multiple Subjects.

In keeping with its aim of training teachers who will be able to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing children from various language and cultural backgrounds, EDS requires fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) for acceptance into the program.

EDS's teacher training program is designed to prepare teachers to work in various types of school settings from residential school classrooms to local public school classrooms for deaf and hard of hearing children. EDS recognizes that deaf and hard of hearing children need teachers who are themselves bilingual and knowledgeable about the role of culture in human development.

*Note: Preliminary Credentials are valid for 5 years. You may request an extension from the CTC. Recipients of Preliminary Credentials must earn a Clear Credential by completing a Commission-Approved General Education Induction Program or a Commission-Approved Clear Credential Program (neither of which are offered by EDS).


The Final Application deadline is Monday, March 14th, 2022

View the Admission Requirements Checklist

Thank you for your interest in the M.A.-ASL/English Bilingual Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program at UC San Diego. You must thoroughly read the Application Checklist before starting your online application, as many requirements are unique to our program. Questions? Contact Giselle Van Luit.

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UC San Diego Graduate Division Application FAQ's

Information from University of California, Office of the President: Licensure and Certification Disclosures



View the MA-ASL Course of Study

For more detailed information regarding EDS courses, see the UCSD General Catalog

This program of study consists of courses in bilingual education theory, methods, and applications to deaf education in addition to intensive classroom practice. During the second year of study the focus is on designing, implementing and evaluating a research-based project. This integration of research and practice is central to the goal of the M.A. program to develop teachers as researchers. 

The complete program of study includes Professional Preparation coursework and the Master of Arts specific course requirements. Both must be complete in order to receive the teaching credentials and the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning: Bilingual Education (ASL-English). Please see an EDS advisor for a typical course of study which would include all required courses.


International Applicants / Non U.S. Residents

Special Information for applicants for who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents.

For an application to be considered for review, international applicants must complete the requirements listed below prior to submitting the application. These items are required by the state of California in order to participate in a Teacher Preparation Program, receive a teaching credential, and are considered part of our regular admission requirements. Please note: the application fee is non-refundable.

Certificate of Clearance

If you are an international applicant on a student visa, a non U.S. citizen, or a non U.S. permanent resident and you are admitted into the M.Ed./Credential Program or the MA-ASL Program, please note the following: in order to be eligible for student teaching, all applicants must complete a Certificate of Clearance through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). The Certificate of Clearance application requires a Social Security Number (SSN), or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). For information on obtaining a SSN or ITIN, visit the IRS website. All EDS candidates must obtain a Certificate of Clearance before the application deadline to be eligible for admission. Learn more about the Certificate of Clearance.

Student teaching is mandatory for EDS students in order to complete the required coursework and obtain a teaching credential. If a student is not able to begin student teaching, he/she will need to withdraw from the program. Applicants who are ineligible to obtain a U.S. Social Security Number or Tax I.D. Number should not apply to this program. If you have questions, contact your EDS Admissions Coordinator.


The International Students & Programs Office

The Undocumented Student Services Center

Student Services Center, 5th floor, Suite 518


Foreign Transcript Evaluation

Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees, and other relevant documents. The complete transcript evaluation must be uploaded into the application prior to the deadline for the application to be considered for review.  Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved organization. Learn more about Foreign Transcript Evaluations. 

Please note: the UCSD Graduate Division has additional requirements for international applicants. Please review their International Graduate Student Application Requirements.


Research at UCSD

The University of California, San Diego has long been a site of new ideas and important research on American Sign Language and the culture of deaf people in the United States. UCSD, therefore, offers many resources for teacher preparation in bilingual, multicultural education for deaf children. Among these resources are the Research Program for Language and Literacy which is currently focusing on reading and writing development in deaf children and several other research projects on language, cognition, and culture and the UCSD Linguistics Language Program's ASL activities.

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Questions? Please contact your admissions coordinator.

MA-ASL admissions coordinator: Giselle Van Luit,