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Enrollment Management Academy 2022

for California Community Colleges
Monday, July 11–Thursday, July 14, 2022

The University of California, San Diego, Department of Educational Studies is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 8th Annual Enrollment Management Academy this summer. 

In response to requests from a wide range of community college leaders seeking enrollment management and forecasting assistance, the Department of Education Studies at UC San Diego will hold a four-day Enrollment Management Academy from July 11–14, 2022.

Lead Instructors

The Enrollment Management Academy will be led by Pamela Deegan (former CIO and CCCIO President), Carlos Lopez, (CIO at Moreno Valley College), Alketa Wojcik (CSSO at MiraCosta College), Tim Flood (CBO at MiraCosta College), and Christina Ryan Rodriguez (Dean of Enrollment Services at Golden West College). 

What to Expect

Working with an enrollment management template and calendar, participants will be given the opportunity to develop the genesis of an enrollment management plan for their respective campuses.

The interactive approach used at the Enrollment Management Academy (EMA) involves having colleges send teams that will learn the basics of enrollment management and will then work together, with guidance from the EMA facilitators, to analyze their own college data. The end product of the EMA process is that colleges will leave with an enrollment management plan or the beginning of such a plan. The plan is geared toward two objectives—meeting student need while, at the same time, attaining the college FTES target. Those attendees who do not have access to college data will be given data from which they can practice the concepts learned at the academy.

The Academy specifically addresses the new Student-Centered Funding Formula (SCFF), as well as strategies that can be used by colleges to maximize funding under each SCFF category.

The Academy has been assisting California Community Colleges in successfully planning and scheduling programs to ensure student success since 2015. To date, we have hosted 70 colleges with many opting to return to the Academy in order to train additional college colleagues involved in the enrollment management process.

More Information
If you have additional questions, please contact Christina Ryan Rodriguez ( or Pam Deegan (

Christina Ryan Rodriguez
Community College Leadership Program Liaison
PhD Student, School of Educational Studies, Higher Education
email: | direct line: 562-556-4560