Minors In Education StudiesPAL Program

EDS provides many opportunities to explore the field of Education through teaching and learning experiences in local schools.

EDS has five options for minors that will put you on the path towards a rewarding career:

Minors in the Department of Education Studies Minor Code
General Minor, “Option 1” M065
Multiple Subjects Foundation Minor, “Option 2” M065
Single Subject Foundations Minor, “Option 3” M065
Mathematics Education Minor, “Option 4” M066
Science Education Minor, “Option 5” M067

How to Declare the Minor

Education Studies Department: Minor Declaration Instructions

1. Go to TritonLink.
2. Click "Major and Minor".
3. Login with username and password.
4. Click "Add Minor".
5. Select Minor Code:

  • M065- General EDS Minor, Multiple Subject Foundations Minor, and Single Subject Foundations Minor
  • M066- Math Education Minor
  • M067- Science Education Minor

6. List courses:

Lower Division
Please note: If you do not have any lower division courses, place an X on all the boxes of 1 line and put 1.00 unit, Pass/Fail.

Subject Code:       Course No:  Title:        Institution:  Units:   Grade Opt:

         X                   X                   X             X                1.00     Pass/Fail

Upper Division
For EDS 139, please list total number of units taken and list as Pass/Fail.

Subject Code:        Course No:     Title:           Institution:      Units:    Grade Opt:

EDS                        129A              Intro              UCSD           4.00      Letter
EDS                        129B              Intro              UCSD           4.00      Letter
EDS                        129C              Intro              UCSD           4.00      Letter
EDS                        139                Practicum      UCSD           6.00      Pass/Fail

7. Submit.

8. Emmeline Domingo, Minor Advisor, will either approve or deny your minor. If there are any corrections needed, you will receive an email asking you to make the corrections and re-submit your minor. If no corrections are needed, your minor will be approved.

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