Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship Program (MTF) at UCSD

Congratulations to our selected MTF Teachers. They will be participating in this program for the next 5 years.

Who We Are

UCSD’s Department of Education Studies (EDS) has been training and supporting new teachers for more than 40 years. The program began as a Multiple Subject credential program and soon grew to produce some of the most highly skilled teachers in both elementary and secondary education. Throughout its history, EDS has remained committed to supporting outstanding teachers in urban education in high-needs schools and districts.

What We Believe

We believe that teachers have a profound impact on their students and the education that is available at their school site. Dedicated, knowledgeable teachers can make all the difference in the academic life of a child. This is crucial at our high-needs schools.

We believe that through teacher leaders lasting, effective educational change is possible. Teachers can direct, influence, shape, and change the educational experiences of their students. Through knowledge, awareness, mentorship, professional networks, and involvement teachers can bring about change. These dynamic teachers are needed at all of our schools.

Welooked for a variety of teachers who wantedg to increase their personal professional development. Our Master Teacher Fellows were selected from three groups; teachers with 3-4 years of classroom experience, teachers with 5-10 years of classroom experience, and those teachers with more than 10 years of classroom experience.

UCSD Master Teacher Fellowship (MTF)

UCSD was awarded the Robert Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF 1136369) in October 2011. This program is designed to give teachers the skills, commitment, and professional support they need to continue teaching in urban schools. The program is a partnership between the Division of Physical Sciences, UCSD CalTeach Education minor, and the Department of Education Studies. The overarching goal of this program is to provide local mathematics and science teachers with the training, support, and professional development to be educational leaders within their schools and school district. We want to support strong leadership and pedagogy within high-needs urban schools.

Our selected mathematics and science teachers engage in professional development activities over the five-year period of this program. MTF teachers receive mentoring opportunities, summer institute experiences, ongoing online courses, graduate coursework and credits, and a $10,000 annual salary supplement dispersed in two installments over the 5-year program.

Professional Development and Leadership Program

The program includes several components that work in unison to support educational leadership qualities for dedicated STEM teachers. These components include:

  • Leadership and mentoring skill training, once during the 5-year program (this will be a two-week online course)
  • Specific content and pedagogical based summer institutes, twice during the 5-year program (typically a three-week blended course with FTF and online components)
  • Targeted online courses aimed at specific skills for the teacher leader at least twice during the 5-year program (these are typically 8-week online courses)
  • Participation in an online professional network through mobile computing (iPad2)
  • Mini-grants for classroom intervention and support
  • Mentoring opportunities hosting UCSD CalTeach classroom tutors, apprentice teachers, and/or EDS credential program student teachers

Compensation to participating Master Teacher Fellows:

  • Salary supplement of $10,000 per year of the program dispersed in two installments each year
  • Mobile computing devices to support online community (iPad 2)
  • Receiving graduate units for leadership training, summer institutes, and online courses (up to 16 quarter units)

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UCSD Department of Education Studies
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Noyce Co-Principle Investigator
Christopher Halter, Ed.D.

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