Research Apprenticeship Courses (RAC) breakdown

1st Year RAC is designed to introduce students to transformational research and practice in education. Over the 10-week quarter, students will visit a variety of research settings, approaches, and topics representing EDS faculty research. The first year will provide students an opportunity to begin to form a relationship with a community educational research setting to collaborate within their second year project.

2nd Year RAC provides students an opportunity to collaborate with a specific group or formal organization (e.g. community organization, school/district, non-profit educational organization, service organization, geographically distributed virtual community) on a design-based research project to help the organization nurture greater educational equity and access. The goals and outcomes for the research project will be a joint effort between the student, the faculty mentor, and the organization. This field experience provides a hands-on opportunity for students to develop research skills and dispositions for conducting quality research.

During the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year, the RAC will focus on dissertation development and research within the context of the design-based project. The RAC will continue to support the development of students in their overall dissertation research.