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Principles of Financial Support for Continuing Doctoral Graduate Students

 Criteria for Awarding Support

Upon admissions to the PhD program, all students receive a letter that details the financial support offered by the Department of Education Studies. The letter includes financial support information for the first year and subsequent years of the PhD program. Each admitted student receives a minimum financial support package for the first year that pays all tuition and fees, along with a nine-month stipend.

Once admitted to the PhD program, eligible incoming students are nominated for appropriate recruitment fellowships, which may include but are not limited to San Diego Fellowship, Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship, SEED Fellowship, Deans Fellowship, etc.

UCSD employees using the Employee Student Education Benefit will receive a five-year Education Studies funding package that will cover the yearly tuition and fee balance.

The department recognizes that many fellowships offer multi-year support packages that include departmental support in the form of Graduate Student Research or Teaching Assistant positions and/or department stipends. Continuing students receiving such university wide fellowships will receive departmental support following the guidelines established by each fellowship.

 Support Commitments.

For continuing students not receiving multiyear university fellowships, EDS will make every effort to provide year-long support during subsequent years in the form of appropriate Fellowships, Graduate Student Research and Teaching Assistant positions to cover tuition and provide support for living expenses. Financial support in the department is contingent upon fulltime registration (12 units/quarter), satisfactory progress toward degree completion, and campus support time limits.

 Time of notification.

All graduate students in good standing, whether presently supported or not, will be evaluated annually using department criteria for awarding support to continuing students. Continuing doctoral students will be notified early in the Spring quarter about their financial status for the following academic year. The specific amount/percentage of time and type of award will be provided in writing in the annual Spring evaluation.

 Minimum level of support.

The department of education studies will make every effort to provide all continuing doctoral students in good standing with 50% TA support or its equivalent for students receiving merit-based financial support. 

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AERA Student Stipends EDS is proud to offer student travel stipends to support travel to AERA for the 2017 and 2018 conferences. Future funding beyond 2018 will be determined pending available budget. 

Graduate Student Association Travel Grants for students who have a first authored paper accepted for presentation

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