Elementary Mathematics Emphasis Certificate

for M.Ed./Multiple Subjects Students


Education Studies at the University of California, San Diego offers an innovative opportunity to interested and qualified candidates. EDS will train students for an Elementary Mathematics Emphasis Certificate (EMEC) offered by the program as a supplement to the Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential. Students who participate in this program will be uniquely prepared to combine their knowledge of mathematics content and pedagogy in order to become effective teachers of mathematics and potentially mathematics leaders at their school sites.


Students accepted into the program will take an additional seminar (EDS 355ABC: Advanced Mathematics Teaching Practices for Grades K-6, 2 units/quarter) that will meet regularly during the credential year. This seminar will focus on issues of teaching and learning mathematics in the elementary classroom.  The seminar will feature guest speakers, hands-on training, and participation in professional development workshops and seminars.  Students pursuing the EMEC will also have specialized student teaching placements that will allow them to work collaboratively with expert mathematics teachers.  To complete their training, students participating in this emphasis program will take a specially designed mathematics content course (EDS 385: Elementary School Content and Pedagogy) in the summer.


There is a lack of highly qualified mathematics and science teachers at the elementary level. The EMEC will help develop a cadre of qualified, highly motivated elementary school mathematics teachers. Increasingly, local school districts are seeking highly qualified mathematics teachers to fill specialized mathematics leadership and lab leadership positions. Most importantly, elementary students need a solid foundation in mathematics to succeed in their academic and professional careers. Teachers who have earned the EMEC will be especially qualified to meet this challenge.


Incoming Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential/MEd students with at least two college level mathematics courses will be given preference for this program. However, the faculty will consider any highly motivated multiple subject student for participation. Students with fewer than two college level math courses may be required to take additional math courses after completing the credential year.

Now What?

If you have questions about the EMEC program, contact: Caren Holtzman at (858) 534-1685 or at choltzman@ucsd.edu