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Minors In Education Studies

PAL Program

EDS has five minor options that will help to prepare you for a rewarding career:

**Please note that our Department policy states that students cannot major and minor in Education Studies. **

1. General Minor, "Option 1"

Recommended for students interested in Education careers outside of PK-12 teaching. Designed for students who want to gain experience in schools and study issues and trends in education. 

*2. Multiple Subject Foundations Minor, "Option 2" (see page 3)

Recommended for students who wish to teach elementary school students. Designed for students who plan to apply to the Master of Education/Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program.

*3. Single Subject Foundations Minor, "Option 3" (see page 3)

Recommended for students who wish to teach middle or high school students. Designed for students who plan to apply to the Master of Education/Single Subject Teaching Credential Program.

CalTeach Program

*4. Mathematics Education Minor, "Option 4"

*5. Science Education Minor, "Option 5"

The Cal Teach Program is specifically designed for Math, Science, or Engineering Majors who are interested in becoming teachers. CalTeach provides stipends for completing fieldwork requirements within these minors.

*Completion of EDS minor options 2, 3, 4, and 5, fulfills the foundations requirements for the Master of Education (M.Ed.) & Teaching Credential Programs allowing students to complete both their M.Ed. and teaching credentials within one year after graduating with their Bachelor's degree.

UC San Diego Education Studies Course Catalog

Minors in the Department of Education Studies Minor Code
General Minor, “Option 1” M065
Multiple Subject Foundations Minor, “Option 2” M065
Single Subject Foundations Minor, “Option 3” M065
Mathematics Education Minor, “Option 4” M066
Science Education Minor, “Option 5” M067

Departmental Policy on Petitions

  • Requirements for EDS minors that satisfy foundations for the MEd/Credential program are firm and must be followed closely.
  • Petition requests to substitute courses will only be considered for the General Education Studies Minor.
  • No special studies course (EDS 197/198/199) may be petitioned to substitute for a course.

Departmental Policy on Grading Options

  • Courses can only be taken for the P/NP grading option for the General EDS Minor and students must follow the UCSD policy that no more than 25 percent of an undergraduate student’s total UC San Diego units may be taken on a P/NP basis.

How to Declare the Minor

Education Studies Department: Minor Declaration Instructions

1. Go to TritonLink
2. Find the"Major and Minor Tool" under "Advising Tools"
3. Click "Add Minor"
4. Enter the Minor Code:

  • M065 - General EDS Minor, Multiple Subject Foundations Minor, and Single Subject Foundations Minor
  • M066 - Math Education Minor
  • M067 - Science Education Minor

5. List courses: 

Subject Code:        Course No:     Title:           Institution:      Units:    Grade Opt:

EDS                        129A              Intro              UCSD           4.00      Letter
EDS                        129B              Intro              UCSD           4.00      Letter
EDS                        129C              Intro              UCSD           4.00      Letter
EDS                        139                Practicum      UCSD           6.00      Pass/Fail

6. Click "Submit" and "Add Minor."

7. The Undergraduate Coordinator/Advisor, will either approve or deny your minor. If there are any corrections needed, you will be notified through the VAC (Virtual Advising Center). If no corrections are needed, your minor will be approved.