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2016 Most and Least Educated Cities: The Experts

Critical thinking and problem solving, Megan Hopkins of EDS tells WalletHub, are the key skills we should as a country focus on teaching. “What is taught in K-12 schools needs to reflect the skills that adults will need to use in the workforce,” she said. “Our current focus on testing and accountability has led us to a place where many schools focus on teaching to the test.”

EDS Doctoral Graduate Recognized as Stellar Student

Tracey Kiser recently graduated with a Doctor of Education in Teaching and Learning. Kiser is dedicated to closing the academic achievement gap for low-income students. “I want to show students that they can also change their situation and achieve their dreams.”

Uncovering the Why in the Way We Teach

Uncover Aleya Cunningham and Roxanne Tuong's experience in their collective reflection about their student teaching experience at Baker Elementary as an M.Ed. Candidate.

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